Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Starts from:Sat, November 18, 2017
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739/A, Mehedibag Road, ,Chittagong,Bangladesh

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Class Description

Foundation: for selective students
EN 1000 English Reading
CS 1050 Introduction to Computer
MA 1150 General Math
AC 1200 Fundamentals of Accounting

A. General Education (36 Semester Credits)
Social Sciences (9 Semester Credits)
BS 1100 Bangladesh Studies
IR 2100 International Relations
SO 1120 Introduction to Sociology

Humanities (9 Credits)
EN 1010 English Composition
EN 1020 Spoken English
EN 2000 English Writing

Sciences (9 Credits)
ES 2160 Environmental Science
CS 1090 Computer in Business
HS 2050 Health Sc. Management

Mathematics (9 Credits)
MA 1160 Introduction to Statistics
MA 2150 Business Math
MA 3150 Business Calculus

B. Core Education (72 Semester Credits)
AC 1210 Accounting I
MG 1300 Introduction to Business
MA 2160 Inferential Statistics
AC 2200 Accounting II
EC 2250 Micro Economics
EC 2260 Macro Economics
MG 2300 Principles of Management
MK 2350 Introduction to Marketing
FI 2400 Introduction to Finance
AC 3200 Taxation & Auditing
MG 3300 Business Law
MG 3305 Business Communication
MG 3310 Organizational Behavior
MG 3315 Company & Industrial Law
MG 3320 Quantitative Methods
MG 3325 Business Ethics & Morality
MG 3330 Entrepreneurship Development
MG 3335 Production Management
FI 3400 Financial Management
MG4300 Export & Import Mgt
MK4350 Modern Marketing Practices
MG4310 Business Policy & Strategy
FI3410 Money and Banking
MG4340 Research Methodology

C. Major Marketing (12 Credits)
MK 4360 Agricultural & Industrial Marketing
MK4365 Advertising & Promotion Management
MK 4370 Sales & Distribution Management
MK 4375 Introduction to Marketing Research
MK 4380 Managing Customer services
MK 4385 Consumer Behavior
MK 4390 Retail Management

Major Finance (12 Credits)
FI 4400 Public Finance
FI 4410 Corporate Finance
FI 4420 Investment Analysis
FI 4430 Insurance Risk Management
FI 4435 Lease Financial and Bond Marketing
FI 4440 Financial Analysis & Control

Major Accounting (12 Credits)
AC 4200 Corporate Financial Accounting
AC 4210 Cost Accounting
AC 4220 Macro Accounting
AC 4225 Government Accounting
AC 4230 Accounting Information System
AC 4235 Financial Audit and Cost Audit
AC 4240 Financial Reporting Standard in Bangladesh

Major Management (12 Credits)
MG 4320 Total Quality Management
MG 4325 Management Control System
MG 4330 Supply Chain Management
MG 4335 Comparative Management

Major MIS (12 Credits)
CS-4050 Management Information Systems
CS 4060 Computer Network
CS 4070 Internet, Internet and Extranet Communication
CS4075 Software Engineering
CS 4080 Database Management system
CS 4090 Management of Technology and Digital Organization

Major HRM (12 Credits)
HR4505 Human Resource Management
HR4510 HR Acquisition Management
HR4515 Management of Training
HR4520 Performance Management
HR4525 Compensation & benefit management

D. Internship / Project (6 Credits)
4990 Report & Presentation
GE 1001 Career Planning & Development
Optional: MS 1110 Military Science

The Department of Business Administration at the Southern University Bangladesh brings together various business disciplines to nurture a diverse and supportive learning community. We conduct rigorous and innovative interdisciplinary research that improves theory and practice in contemporary business. We offer an educational environment that encourages life-long learning for our students, faculty, staff, and business partners. We combine the faculty of Business’s strengths with those of engineering, agriculture, health and social sciences to utilize our University’s distinctive intellectual excellence and develop a new spectrum of solutions for contemporary management problems. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is four years degree providing quality business education at undergraduate levels. Course work features practices, as well enable students to work effectively in business environment. The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree requires 126 semester hours including of 36 semester credit hours of college-level general education.
Foundation (For Selective Students) : 08 Credit Hours General Education (4 discipline) : 36 Credit Hours Business Core Courses : 73 Credit Hours Major : 12 Credit Hours Internship/Project Report : 6 Credit Hours Career Planning & Development :2 Credit Hours
12 years school/College Graduate 136 Credits (4 Years) BDT = 2,15,016 ( 1581 Per Credit)
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