CE Graduates and Alumni Association:

About all the graduates from this department have successfully accommodated themselves in different well-known organizations like CDA, LGED, Chittagong Port, Bangladesh Railway, CUET, IIUC, Chittagong City Corporation, Chittagong WASHA, Building Design & Development, Seven Properties, City Developers Ltd., Navana Group, etc. Some of them have also established their own design/construction firms.

Besides, many of the CE graduates have been employed in foreign countries like USA, CA, Singapore and UAE.

Many of our graduates are continuing postgraduate study in Civil Engineering at CUET and many of them are trying to get a scholarship for higher studies in foreign countries like CA, Japan etc.

It may be mentioned here that the BAETE Accreditation earned by the CE department, SUB has allowed its graduates to apply for membership of the Institute of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB).

The CE department, SUB believes to maintain a most cordial relationship with its graduates because they are the reflection of the department and university and the CE Alumni Association has been established to carry forward this relationship.

The CE alumni association named “Southern University Bangladesh Civil Engineering Alumni Association (SUBCEAA) has a nineteen member executive committee to run the association. They have contributed books to the departmental library and donates fund for the yearly farewell program for the graduating Civil Engineering students of the department. Moreover, the association organizes a seminar, annual events like picnics, iftar party etc.

Civil Engineering Alumni Association


Gulpahar Circle, Mehdibag, Chittagong

Established: December 2014

Board of Trustees

1  Engr.Fatema Tuj Jahara Head, Department of  Civil Engineering, SUB President
2  Engr. Mohammed Osman Assistant Authorized officer, CDA Vice- president
3  Engr. Mohammad Saiful Islam Consultant Engineer Vice- president
4  Engr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Assistant Engineer, Chittagong Port Member
5  Engr. Md. Masoud Bin Bazal MD, Building Design & Development Member
6  Engr. Md. Rejaul Karim Project Coordinator, Seven Properties, GEC Member
7  Engr. Mohammad Kayum MD, Asia Engineers Member
8  Engr. Md. Mahmudur Rahman Patwary Assistant Engineer, Bangladesh Railway Member
9  Engr. Md. Abdul Baker Majumder Project Manager, City Developers Ltd. Member
10 Engr. Mohammad Hamidul Hoque Assistant Engineer, CDA Member
11 Engr. Md. Obaidul Hoq Assistant Project Manager, Navana Group Member
12 Engr. Kazi Moinul Islam Senior Faculty Member, SUB Member
13  Engr. Md. Iftekharul Alam Civil Engineer, IIUC Member Secretary


Sl no Name & Cell Designation Organization Picture
01 Engr.Fatema Tuj Jahara


President Head, Department of  Civil Engineering Southern University Bangladesh
02 Mohammed Osman

01819 319 161

Vice- president Assistant Authorized officer, CDA
03 Mohammad Saiful Islam


Vice- president Consultant Engineer
04 Md.Rafiqul Islam

01819- 313 301

Member Assistant Engineer, Chittagong Port
05 Md. Masoud Bin Bazal

01819- 924 003

Member MD, Building Design & Development, Seven Properties, City Developers ltd. Navana Group
06 Md. RejaulKarim

01819 036 695

Member Project Coordinator, Seven Properties, City Developers ltd. Navana Group GEC..
07 Mohammad Kayum

01914 894 170

Member MD, Asia Engineers.
08 Mohammed Mahmudur Rahman Patwary

01716 442 632

Member Assistant Engineer, Bangladesh Railway
09 Md. Abdul Baker Majumder


Member Project Manager, City Developers ltd. Navana Group
10 Mohammad Hamidul Hoque

01815 339 379

Member Assistant Engineer, CDA
11 Md. Obaidul Hoq

01730 701 226

Member Assistant Project Manager, Navana Group
12 Engr Kazi Moinul Islam


Member Senior Faculty Member, SUB
13 Md. Iftekharul Alam

01813-263 637

Member Secretary Civil Engineer, International Islamic University Chittagong



Alumni Executive Committee (AEC)

1 Engr. Md. Iftekharul Alam Chairman
2 Engr. Mohammad Saiful Islam Vice-Chairman
3 Engr. Mohammed Osman Vice-Chairman
4 Engr. Md.Rafiqul Islam Vice-Chairman
5 Engr. Md. Masoud Bin Bazal General Secretary
6 Engr. Mohammad Kayum Joint Secretary
7 Engr. Md. Rejaul Karim Treasurer
8 Engr. Mohammed Mahmudur Rahman Patwary Organizing Secretary
9 Engr. Mohammad Hamidul Hoque Information Secretary
10 Engr. Bijon Shil Cultural Secretary
11 Engr. Md. Abdul Baker Majumder Publication Secretary
12 Engr. Md. Obaidul Hoq Office Secretary
13 Engr. Nigar Sultana Member
14 Engr. Mohammad SaifulAlam Member
15 Engr. Anik Barua Member
16 Engr. Amrita Das Member (Faculty)
17 Dr. Tasnima Zannat Member (Faculty)
18 Engr. Chowdhury A. K. M Masud Member
19 Engr. Md. Abser Azad Member


Sl no Name Designation Year of Passing
01 Md. Iftekharul Alam

Studying MSc. in Disaster & Environmental Engineering, CUET

Chairman 2013
02 Mohammad Saiful Islam Vice- Chairman 2010
03 Mohammed Osman Vice- Chairman 2013
04 Md.Rafiqul Islam Vice- Chairman 2013
05 Md. Masoud Bin Bazal

Studying M. Engineering in Institute of Earthquake Engineering & Research, CUET.

General Secretary 2013
06 Mohammad Kayum Joint Secretary 2010
07 Md. RejaulKarim Treasurer 2013
08 Mohammed MahmudurRahmanPatwary

Studying MSc. in Disaster & Environmental Engineering, CUET.

Organizing Secretary 2013
09 Mohammad HamidulHoque Information Secretary 2013
10 BijonShil Cultural Secretary 2013
11 Md. Abdul Baker Majumder Publication Secretary 2013
12 Md.ObaidulHoq Office Secretary 2013
13 Nigar Sultana Member 2013
14 Mohammad SaifulAlam Member 2013
15 AnikBarua Member 2013
16 Engr. Amrita Das Member Sr.Lecturer
17 Mrs. TasnimaZannat  Member Assistant Professor
18 Chowdhury A. K. M Masud Member 2014
19 Md. Abser Azad Member 2014

Southern University Alumni Activities

Training on “Concrete Mix Design, Quality Control and Rebar Detailing”


Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Engr. Md. Jahangir Alam, Professor, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

Chief Guest: Prof. Engr. M. Ali Ashraf, Ex- Vice chancellor IEB Chittagong Center

Presented by: Engr. Rafiqul Islam Manik

Date: 10th August, 2018 Friday (9am-6pm)

Venue: Seminar Room IEB, Chittagong Center


Chattogram Field Hospital

Alumni are donating to Doctor BidduthBarua at Field Hospital in Covid-19 situation

Cooperate by Navana Group


Workshop on “Design and Construction”

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dr. Engr. Md. Jahangir Alam, Professor, Bangladesh University of Engineering &Technology

Chief Guest: Prof. SarwarJahan, Professor and Founder, Southern University Bangladesh.

Presented by: Prof. Engr. Md. MozammelHoque, FIEB

Venue: Southern University Bangladesh.


Seminar on “Aesthetics and Mathematics”

The poetry of architecture

Keynote Speaker: Architect Md. RafiqAzam

Venue: Auditorium Building 3, Southern University Bangladesh, ShaheedMirza Lane Mehdibag

Date: Sunday, October 22, 2017, 10:00am

Organized by: Southern University Bangladesh, Civil Engineering Alumni Association & Department of civil engineering, Southern University Bangladesh                  


Participation on Farewell Program-2018 & 2nd International Conference ICRICE 2020, Technical Session-06;

Certificate hand over to alumni by Prof. Engr. Md. MozammelHoque, FIEB

Meeting with Alumni, 2019          

Venue: Southern University Bangladesh and IEB Chittagong Center


SUBCEAA Formation Meeting.                                                                             BOT Meeting