Library Information of Southern University Bangladesh

The total collection of the Library (including the departmental library)

  • More than 11,666 Books
  • Journal Hard Copy about 1300
  • Audio-Visual Material about 700
  • E-Journals: JSTOR
  • Research Report
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Periodical

Services: The Library of Southern University Bangladesh provides the following services to its users

  • Lending service
  • Reference service
  • Reading room service
  • Newspaper service
  • Internet facilities
  • News clipping
  • Audiovisual service
  • Selective Dissemination of Information Service- SDI
  • Current Awareness Service – CAS
  • Database Searching
  • Remotes
  • Discovery Search
  • CD Writing,
  • Group Discussion
  • Reader guidance service
  • Reprographic service

Borrowing Library Materials:

  • Every student can borrow two books instead of his/her ID card only for reading room use (as reference service).
  • Every teacher can borrow ten books for a semester instead of the Library card.
  • Reference books, journals, audio-visual materials and other important materials of the library shall not be issued from the library without permission of the library authority.
  • All kinds of books, journals, periodicals, and Audiovisual materials shall be issued to the student for using inside the library.


Library Clearance

  • No official documents will be issued to the students, faculty members and officials without library clearance. All kinds of dues must be paid/refreshed for clearance.

Behaviors at the Reading Room

  • Pin drop silence is a pre-condition for the library atmosphere – and every reader should follow it.
  • A library is a place for study; the behavior of students should reflect this and students should respect the needs of others.
  • Gathering unnecessarily in front of the circulation and safekeeping counter is not allowed.
  • The borrower will be responsible for his/her document.
  • First come first served system will be followed.
  • Materials must be returned on/before the due date.
  • Mobile phones must be kept and switched off also not be used anywhere within the library.
  • Foods, drinks, (except plain water), smoking etc, are strictly prohibited in the library.
  • Writing or marking on books/reading materials and a reading table is strictly prohibited.
  • Any damage or loss of library materials will entail a fine as per library rules.
  • Students are not entitled to shelve the books.
  • The serious offense will be prosecuted immediately under the University’s code of discipline and will result in suspension of the library facilities pending inquiry or punishment decided by the authority. 




Inaugurated the British Council Satellite Library Corner at Southern University Bangladesh