Faculty and Student Research and Publications

The faculty members of the department have been involving in various research works and contributing papers in international conferences/peer review journal all over the world.

The departmental students must be involved in project/research activities for graduating from the CE department. Students are categorized according to their CGPA and field of interests and assigned a supervisor who is expert in that field. Besides, an external expert (a renowned academician or professional working in relevant topics) is included in the Thesis Committee for each student, who must eventually present her/his thesis satisfactorily to the members of the committee.

Some of the more recent and significant theses completed by the departmental students are as follows:

Structural Engineering

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment Of The Existing Buildings Of Chattogram City:A Case Study On 27 No. Ward, South Agrabad.

Use of timber as construction material and furniture in particular Chattogram.

Seismic vulnerability assessment of existing building in Chattogram city: a case study of 23 no. Uttar Pathantooly ward

Seismic vulnerability assessment of existing building in Chattogram city: a case study of 27 no., South Agrabad ward

Influence of Different Types of Fiber on the Properties of Concrete Strength

“Influence of admixture along with and without sand on different properties of pervious concrete”

Comparative study on strength and permeability of pervious concrete by using nylon thread.

Cost comparison of multistoried reinforced concrete building with flat plate and two way edge supported slab.

To evaluate the suitability of pervious concrete in road pavement using nylon fiber.

Seismic vulnerability assessment of the existing building in Chittagong city: a case study on Anderkilla,Ward no.32., Panchalish, Ward No.03., Mohra, Ward No. 05., North Kattali, Ward No.10., Pahartali, Ward No.13., North Agrabad, Ward No.24

Performance evaluation of pervious concrete(with nylon thread) as low-volume road surface.

Geotechnical Engineering

Stabilization of soil by using cement

Determination of comparative change in strength of soil with the use of cement and fiber in combination.

Stabilization of soil using cement as binder and nylon thread as reinforcement.

Stabilization of soil & sand by using cement

Transportation Engineering

Evaluation of Pedestrian safety at intersection in Chittagong city.

Determination of Traffic Delay time of major roads in Chittagong City at Pandemic Situations.

Effect of guardrail in mitigation of traffic congestion: a before after study at CEPZ intersection.

Evaluate the effectiveness of Kadamtoli Flyover using video observation and questionnaire survey.

Evaluating the performance of a congested road intersection : a case study of new market rotary intersection in Chittagong city.

Evaluation of recycled pavement materials performance in highway applications.

Identification of different types of distress on flexible pavement and finding out causes with remedial measures: case study, Bahaddarhat to KaptaiRastarmatha.

Environmental Engineering

Analysis of Surface Drainage Network Using SWMM5.

Determination of ground water level at winter season in Chittagong City.

A review paper on karnafuli Water quality index.

Intrusion of salinity in the coastal area & increasing climate refuge in Chittagong, Bangladesh an assessment.

Assessment of water quality of Karnafully River in terms of Water Quality Index (WQI).

Intrusion of salinity into ground water in the coastal belt of Chittagong, Bangladesh: an assessment