Masters’ of Arts in English (MA in English)

Masters’ of Arts in English (MA in English)
Starts from:Sat, September 18, 2021
Campus Location

739/A Mehedibag Road, Chittagong , Bangladesh,Chittagong,Bangladesh

Class Description

Department of English

Mr. Shafin M. John, Assistant Professor & Head of the department

Tel: 2851336—9; 2869343; 2867503; 626744

Ext: 122, 117,

MA in English:

Course Offering for 2 year

1. ENG-501 Advanced English Grammar 2. ENG-506 Rhetoric & Prosody 3. ENG-510 Victorian Literature 4. ENG-502 English Phonetics of & Phonology 5. ENG- 508The Romantics 6. ENG-511 17th Century Prose and Drama 7. ENG-503The Experience of Literature 8. ENG-509 Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama 9. ENG-512 Elizabethan and 17`h Century Poetry- 10. ENG-513 Old and Medieval English literature

MA in English Course Offering (for One Year)

1. ENG-504 Structure of English
2. ENG-505 Elementary Linguistics
3. ENG-515 Modern Poetry
3. ENG-514 William Shakespeare
4. ENG-517 Modern Novel
5. ENG-518 Classics in Translation
6. ENG-507 Literary Criticism
7. ENG-516 Modern Drama
8. ENG-519 Postmodernism
9. ENG-520 Thesis/ Dissertation

The Bachelor of Arts in English (BA in English) degree is 4 years program, requires 120 semester hours of Post Secondary college-level study providing quality education at undergraduate levels. This requires Semester credit hours depending upon the academic background. Course work features practices, as which will enable students to work effectively in business and education environment.
One Year M.A in English Requirement: 10 Courses, Total 30 Credit Hours & Two Year M.A in English Requirement: 20 Courses, Total 60 Credit Hours
4 Years Bachelor in English 30 Credit , 12 Months, 3 semesters 35,010 ( 1167 Per Credit) & Bachelor Degree 60 Credit , 20 Months, 50,040 ( 834 Per Credit)
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