Masters’ of Business Administration (MBA)

Masters’ of Business Administration (MBA)
Starts from:Tue, March 21, 2023
Campus Location

New/471,University Road,Arefin Nagar, Baizid Bostami, Chattogram,Bangladesh,Chattogram,Bangladesh

Class Description

Department of Business

Professor Dr. Ishrat Jahan, DEAN

Tel: 2851336—9; 2869343; 2867503; 626744; Ext: 231, 110

Mobile: 01761497685


Masters’ of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration ( MBA) is a program of 3 semester 39-48 credit hours for those who  have earned a bachelor degree in business from a recognized college or university and has substantial work experience . Students may choose a concentration area upon completion of the required core courses. The students will complete a capstone project for this degree program.


Core Course      :  10 Courses x 3 Credit   = 30 Credit Hours

Elective Course   : 4 Courses x 3 Credit    = 12 Credit Hours

Capstone Project : 1 Courses x 6 Credit  =    6  Credit Hours

A. Foundation Courses
MG 5200 Business Communication
MA 5100 Business Statistics
MA 5110 Business Math
AC 5300 Accounting For Executives
MG 5210 Management Information System [MIS]

B. Core Courses
HR 5400 Human Resource Management
MK 5500 Marketing Management
EC 5000 Managerial Economics
AC 5310 Managerial Accounting
FI 5600 Advanced Financial Management
MG 5220 Advanced Quantitative Methods
MG 5230 Business Policy and Strategy
MG 5240 Project Management
MG 5250 International Management
MG 5260 Research Methodology

C. Major Courses: MARKETING (Any 12 Cr/ Hrs)
MK 6510 Service Marketing
MK 6520 E- Marketing
MK 6530 Consumer Behavior
MK 6540 Brand Marketing
MK 6550 International Marketing
MK 6560 Environmental Marketing
MK 6570 Strategic Marketing
MK 6580 Supply Chain Management

Major Courses HRM (Any 12 Cr/ Hrs)
HR 6410 Leadership Behavior and Motivation
HR 6420 Company Labor and Industrial Law
HR 6430 Industrial Relations
HR 6440 Compensation and Benefit Management
HR 6450 Organizational Development and Change
HR 6460 Interpersonal Relation and Group Dynamics
HR 6470 Managing High Performance
HR 6480 Human Resource Development

Major Courses: FINANCE (Any 12 Cr/ Hrs)
FI 6600 Multinational Corporate Finance
FI 6610 Port Folio Management
FI 6620 Financial Engineering and Derivatives
FI 6630 Corporate Restructuring
FI 6640 Financial Market and Institution
FI 6650 Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting
FI 6660 Merchant Banking

Major Courses: ACCOUNTING (Any 12 Cr/ Hrs)
AC 6310 Accounting Information System
AC 6320 Advanced Cost Accounting
AC 6330 Accounting Theory and Practice
AC 6340 Human Resource Accounting
AC 6350 Accounting Standard in Bangladesh

Major Courses: MANAGEMENT(Any 12 Cr/ Hrs)
MG 6260 Entrepreneurship Development
MG 6265 Management Development
MG 6270 Total Quality Management
MG 6275 Management of Innovation and Technology
MG 6280 Comparative Management
MG 6285 Environmental Management
MG 6410 Leadership Behavior and Motivation
MG 6450 Organizational development and change

Major Courses: BANK MANAGEMENT(Any 12 Cr/Hrs)
FI 6600 Multinational Corporate Finance
FI 6610 Portfolio Management
FI 6630 Corporate Restructuring
FI 6640 Financial Market and Institution
BM 6800 Bank Operation Management
BM 6810 Bank Fund Management
BM 6830 Development Banking Institution

Major Courses: MIS (Any 12 Cr/ Hrs)
MG 5210 Management Information System (MIS) [Per requisite]
CS 6700 E-Commerce
CS 6710 Database Management System
CS 6720 Data Communication System
CS 6730 Management of Technology and
Digital Organization
CS 6740 Open Source Tools and Technique
CS 6750 Decision Support and Export System
CS 6760 System Design & Development

Major Courses: International Business ( Any 12 Cr/ Hrs)
MK 6650 International Marketing
FI 6600 Multinational Corporate Finance
CS 6700 E-Commerce
IB 6900 Global Business Strategy
IB 6910 International Business Negotiation
MG 5250 International Management
D. 6980Capstone Project (6 Cr/ Hrs)

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