Elementary Particles and the Theory behind their Interactions: Beauty of Mathematics over Physics

The department of Computer Science has organized an online seminar on “Elementary Particles and the Theory behind their Interactions: Beauty of Mathematics over Physics” on May 06, 2021. The lecture was presented by Prof. Dr. Md. Abul Mansur Chowdhury, Head of the department. Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Prof. Dr. Md. Sharifuzzaman, was present as the Chief Guest.
In this talk, the presenter has explained mainly two important conceptions: one is how to understand the universe. That means, what are the theories to explain the present state of the universe and secondly, how beautifully mathematics are playing key role to establish these theories. He has stated that, the universeis consists of some elementary particles which interact with each other under the influence of four existing forces. These interactions can be explained by gauge theories which are Quantum Electro- dynamics (QED), Quantum Chromo- dynamics (QCD) and Electro-Weak theory etc.
The presenter has discussed how Mathematics can be applied to describe theoretical physics. He has described the historical development of interactions between physics and Maths. He has also explained how physics and maths work together for the exploration of space. Finally, the presenter answers enormous amount of questions from the audiences. In his speech, the chief guest has stated that, an event like this will enrich the knowledge of students and faculty members. The program was hosted by Jamir Ahmed, Assistant Professor of Computer Science .

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